About Me



Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I hope you enjoy exploring and find it useful in some way. Feel free to comment or get in touch, I’d love to hear from you šŸ™‚

I’m Anna, and I’m currently navigating life and living in Cambridge. Mummy to Sienna, and wife to Rich, I love my family, friends, dancing, Jesus, reading, laughing, salt and vinegar crisps, films, dogs and taking spontaneous day trips into the beautiful English countryside! And I have a tendency to write extremely long sentences!Ā 

I thought I’d take on the challenge of documenting my thoughts and those of my friends, not because I have something especially new or profound to say, nor do I possess a deep theological understanding of all things scriptural, although I do seek to learn and grow. Rather, I wanted to share an honest account of my journey with faith and hopefully bring some encouragement to yours along the way.

The main blog is a collection of (hopefully) encouraging, sometimes challenging devotional style thoughts. I also started an ongoing conversation about “Why Mums Make Great Leaders”Ā because it’s a message I think is important and enjoy doing.

“Friends with Faith”Ā is an opportunity to be inspired by the unique perspectives and experiences of others.

Some things I’m passionate about are:

  • Leadership
  • Women in Leadership
  • People
  • God, His word and His Church
  • Personal Growth and DevelopmentĀ 

Some fun facts about me:

  • I trained as a professional dancer
  • I’ve flown in a teeny tiny plane
  • As a young girl, I shared a bouncy castle with a prince
  • As a child, I had a recurring dream that I could fly but thankfully never tried it when awake because it’s something I just knew I could do and didn’t need to prove it
  • I’m pretty good at ping pong
  • Yellow is my favourite colour because it reminds me of sunshine joy and warmth
  • I’m very good at a Liverpudlian accent (random but true)
  • Both my daughter and I need taking for a walk from time to time so that we don’t bounce off the walls from excess energy!Ā 
  • I may be ever-so-slightly competitive and I LOVE games, but I think I hide it well (who am I kidding?!)

Well, there you have it – a little about me and the blog. Welcome and happy exploring!